Tips for an Enjoyable Winter Road Trip in Georgia

GA winter travel tips

If you plan to travel over Georgia roads this year, check out our tips for a safe and enjoyable road trip. Christmas is fast approaching. Outside of gift-giving, if there is one thing that is synonymous with Christmas it is family road trips. Traveling to visit friends and family is a big part of the holidays for many. That said, some road trips turn into disaster when basic safety rules are ignored. Here are some important tips to keep in mind before you set on your holiday travels.

1. Be Prepared

Your best chance of enjoying your trip and arriving safely requires you to plan ahead. It starts with ensuring your vehicle is in good working order. Check your tire pressure, coolant, and oil levels. If you are due for service, take your vehicle in before your trip is set to begin. Finally, give your car a thorough clean. You want your passengers in a pleasant mood, and nobody wants to be surrounded by trash on a long trip.

2. Plan Your Trip in Advance

It is best to know your route well before you load up your vehicle. If you are driving somewhere new, it is worth carefully reviewing your travel plan. That said, even travelers heading to a familiar location should do some cursory research. Many mobile apps will advise you of hazards like construction you might not be aware of.

3. Prepare for Winter Weather

This tip doesn’t may not apply if you are headed to Key West for Christmas, but for everyone else planning for the cold is important. While unlikely, it is possible that you could be stranded by extreme weather or car trouble. When this happens, you will be thankful for packing ample warm clothing, blankets, booster cables, and even flares. Check the weather before you begin your trip at the Weather Channel’s website.

4. Avoid Distraction

This tip is helpful during any time of the year but is especially true when so many other motorists are on the road. Distracted driving is a real problem, and resulted in more than 3,100 fatalities in 2017 alone. Avoid texting or using a mobile device entirely unless it is equipped with a hands-free option. Limit the attention you pay to your infotainment center and even your passengers when possible. After all, as the driver, it is your job to get everyone there safely.

5. Keep Kids Content

One of the easiest ways to keep child-related distractions to a minimum is to ensure they are entertained. For most kids, this starts with snacks. In addition to packing plenty of snacks, having games or movies available will also save you a lot of stress. If you celebrate the holidays with gift giving, having a small present for them to open during the trip is a good way to distract them and to reward good behavior!

Involved in a Georgia Holiday Accident?

Hopefully, these tips help you to safely enjoy the holidays this year. However, if you are injured in a vehicle collision during the holidays, you might have a claim for compensation. To discuss your options with a Georgia trial attorney, contact Williams Elleby as soon as possible at 833-LEGALGA.

Family-Friendly Holiday Activities in Georgia

Georgia Holiday Activities

For many in Georgia, the holidays are a time for family friendly activities. Gifts are exchanged, songs are sung, and a good time is had by all. Eventually, however, you are likely to get stir crazy. In some cases, just getting out of the house could improve the mood for everyone. The good news is Georgia offers plenty of safe, family-friendly adventures during the holidays. Here are some of the best activities across the state that you might consider:

Six Flags Over Georgia: Holiday in the Park

If you are ready for a spectacle, the “Holiday in the Park” event at Six Flags Over Georgia might be exactly what you need. The park is packed with fun attractions, rollercoasters, and food. During the holiday season, they also load up on Christmas lights and other displays. This event runs throughout the season and is great for thrill-seekers or just to view the lights.

Holiday Lights at the Atlanta Botanical Garden

Speaking of lights, there are few options better than the display at the Atlanta Botanical Garden. Naturally beautiful, the Garden transforms during the holiday season into the amazing light show after the sun goes down. It is a must-see attraction for most families.

Drive-Thru Light Shows at Callaway Gardens Fantasy in Lights

If Christmas lights are for you but walking around a botanical garden in the cold is not, we have a compromise you might love. Callaway Gardens in Pine Mountain offers a sprawling light display known as Fantasy in Lights. The drive takes roughly 45 minutes to complete, and there are shops and snack vendors on location. The Gardens include plenty of other activities like a butterfly conservatory if you are looking to make a day of it.

Stone Mountain Christmas

If it is a variety you are after, Stone Mountain Park has lots of options. The park offers millions of lights to enjoy, and several shows including a 4-D version of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. There is a large parade featuring Santa Claus among the activities. One of the highlights is a ride up the lift to the top of the mountain. From there, you have a great view of both the park and the Atlanta skyline in the distance.

Old-Fashioned Christmas at Dahlonega

If you are looking to spend Christmas in the Blue Ridge Mountains, Dahlonega is the place to be! Rich with history, the town’s old-fashioned Christmas celebration offers you the chance to step back in time. In addition to almost-daily events through December, there is no shortage of food and shopping mixed in with the beautiful scenery.

Staying Safe During the Holidays

Hopefully, you will have a wonderful holiday season free from injury. However, if you are involved in an accident, it is important to protect your legal rights. Let the team at Williams Elleby review your case and walk you through the claims process. By working with our professional team you can leave your claim to us and focus on the holiday season. Call right away at 833-LEGALGA.