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18-wheeler accidents are horrific. The last thing on your mind during the immediate aftermath of a collision with a tractor-trailer is finding an attorney. But once you’ve had your injuries checked, you need to make sure you find an 18-wheeler trial lawyer.

Preparing a case for trial in Georgia is intense regardless of what type of collision is involved, but when the collision involves an 18-wheeler, it’s even more complicated. To make things easier during your search, keep the following five things in mind when choosing your trial attorney.


Your trial lawyer will represent you in the courtroom against the trucking company’s team of lawyers. If he has a poor reputation with the court, getting motions or hearings granted will be difficult. But if he’s in good graces with the court and is known for being fair and courteous, your case may go much more smoothly. That’s not to say your attorney won’t be aggressive and fight for you, but he should be able to do it without alienating the court, jury, and opposing counsel.

A History of Success

All 18-wheeler accident attorneys are not created equally. When looking for someone to fight for you in court, ask about his success rate and settlement percentage in cases similar to yours. Success rates in simple car wrecks are not the same. Make sure he tells you what he has accomplished while litigating against large trucking companies.


Make sure your trial lawyer has experience dealing with insurance companies. More importantly, make sure he’s prepared to take your case all the way to trial. Many times, lawyers settle before trial. This isn’t always a bad thing, but in the event the insurance company involved in your case refuses to pay the compensation you deserve, your lawyer needs to have experience inside the courtroom litigating against national trucking companies.

Client Satisfaction

Nothing tells you more about your lawyer than what past clients have said about him. Take a look at the firm’s website to see if he has any testimonials. If he doesn’t, that’s a red flag.

Don’t stop there, however. Lawyers typically only publish positive reviews on their website. Look at Yelp or similar review sites to see if there are negative reviews about the attorney, his experience, and his work ethic.

No Fear of Insurance Companies

You want your trial lawyer to be aggressive when he interacts with insurance adjusters and the lawyers who represent them. Insurance companies have decades of experience playing underhanded games in an effort to get out of paying the injured party’s medical bills. Make sure your 18-wheeler accident lawyer won’t let them get away with it.

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Don’t let trucking companies intimidate or overwhelm you. Use the foregoing tips when hiring an 18-wheeler accident attorney in Georgia or share the article with someone who’s looking for an attorney. If a tractor-trailer driver injured you or a loved one, and you need help with your case, call the Kennesaw, Georgia tractor-trailer lawyers at Williams Elleby.  They can be reached at 833 – LEGALGA for a free consultation.

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