What is Premises Liability?

In Georgia, owners and occupiers of land have a responsibility to those who enter their premises. These duties vary according to the relationship between the owner and the person entering
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Tractor Trailer Wreck Two Vehicles Personal Injury Georgia

If a Truck Strikes Two Vehicles in Succession, Will the Insurance Company Treat It as Two Accidents?

Most of the time, there is no dispute between an insurance company and its insured motorists on whether an accident occurred. However, a recent decision in the United States Court
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Whiplash Personal Injury Georgia

How Do You Prove Whiplash Injuries at Trial?

Some personal injury claims are more difficult to prove than others. There is little dispute when an injury victim claims to have suffered a broken bone. Bone fractures are easily
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What Is a Declaratory Judgment?

Most of the time, an individual who suffers an injury in a vehicle accident will pursue a legal claim against the at-fault driver for compensation. If the at-fault driver has
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Georgia Personal Injury Lawsuit Timeline

What Is the Timeline in a Georgia Personal Injury Lawsuit?

No two personal injury cases are alike. What’s more, even cases with similar fact patterns can reach wildly different conclusions. Between two similarly situated plaintiffs, one could obtain a quick
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Evaluating Personal Injury Settlement Georgia

3 Key Considerations When Evaluating a Personal Injury Settlement Offer

For most people, receiving a personal injury settlement offer following an injury in Georgia is good news that carries with it one big question: Should I accept this offer? The
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