Williams Elleby Partner Chase Elleby

Get to Know Chase Elleby – Partner

Personal injury attorney Chase Elleby has recently become a named partner at Williams|Elleby. Together with Joel Williams, they litigate serious cases involving car accidents, tractor-trailer wrecks and premises liability injuries
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Williams Elleby Attorney Personal Injury Wrongful Death Georgia

Chase Elleby Named Firm Partner

WILLIAMS | ELLEBY is happy to announce the naming of Chase Elleby as an official partner of the firm, which has changed its name to Williams | Elleby. This name
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Responsibilities of Landlord Premises Liability Personal Injury Attorney Georgia

Responsibilities of “In Possession” and Absentee Landlords

In Georgia, landlords are required by law to meet certain safety and maintenance requirements. When a landlord negligently fails to keep his premises reasonably safe for use and someone is
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Personal Injury Cases Litigation Funding Georgia Attorney

Are There Limits on the Amount of Interest a Litigation Funding Company Can Charge in Georgia?

There are a lot of questions surrounding how litigation funding works and what interest rates they are allowed to charge. This has been a point of contention over the course
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Georgia Daycare Liability Insurance Personal Injury Attorney

What You Should Know About Daycare Liability Insurance in Georgia

All too often, accidents result in injuries for kids within Georgia daycares. It’s not hard to understand why, as kids get in accidents frequently. But in some cases, those injuries
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Personal Injury Car Wreck Dashboard Gadgets Increase Accidents Attorney Georgia

AAA: Dashboard Gadgets Increase the Likelihood of Accidents

When it comes to car manufacturers, the newest arms race for marketing a make or model is the inclusion of so-called infotainment systems. These combinations of hardware and software installed
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