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Attorneys for Bicyclists
Hit by A Car in Georgia

If you or a loved one has been hit by a car and injured while riding a bicycle, our bicycle accident attorneys are here to help  

Many Georgia citizens use their bicycles to get to work or class, while others ride their bikes for recreation or fitness. Bicycle riders should always abide by the rules of the road and follow safe riding practices. Unfortunately, too many bicycle wrecks occur due to the negligence of motorists. These wrecks often result in serious injuries or the wrongful death of the innocent bicycle rider. 

Bicycle Accident Statistics & Causes

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reported that 840 bicyclists were killed in the United States in 2016. 71% of the deaths occurred in urban areas. The average age of the bicyclists killed was 46 and 7% of those killed were children. Alcohol was involved in 35% of fatal bicycle wrecks. 

Bicycle wrecks occur for a variety of reasons including:  


What to Do After a Bicycle Accident

Bicycles do not have the advanced safety features found in cars, which is why bicycle collisions with motor vehicles can result in serious injuries or death to the bicycle rider. If you find yourself injured while riding a bicycle due to the negligence of a motorist, several things need to be done to preserve your personal injury claim. 

First, seek medical treatment for all injuries and follow your doctor’s advice for recovery. Then, as soon as you are able, contact a reputable personal injury attorney. If you need compensation for injuries such as head fractures, neck or back injuries, broken bones, or even the wrongful death of a loved one, call Williams Elleby Howard & Easter today. We offer free consultations for victims of bicycle wrecks and we never get paid unless we obtain a recovery on your behalf. 

Local Bicycle Accident Injury Attorneys

If our firm takes your case, we will immediately begin a thorough investigation into the cause of the crash and retain an accident reconstruction expert to document the scene if needed. We will also contact all witnesses and law enforcement personnel. Our lawyers will deal with the at-fault parties’ insurance company, so you don’t have to. During this time, your sole job will be to try and get better by following your doctor’s advice.  

Once the pre-suit investigation is complete, we will attempt to settle your case with the insurance company. If the insurance company treats you unfairly, we will file a personal injury lawsuit on your behalf and fight in court to get you a full and fair recovery. If you have been injured in a Georgia bicycle wreck, call us today to schedule a free consultation.  


Male cyclist lying in the grass on the side of the road after falling off his bicycle.

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