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In Case of a House Fire – ARE YOU PREPARED??

October is fire prevention month. As temperatures begin to drop, people begin using their heaters and start preparations for using the fireplace for a cold winter. Are you as prepared as you should be? Find out here by taking a Fire Prevention Week Quiz.

This years’ fall back time change begins on November 1, 2015. Use this time as a reminder to prepare your home in case of a fire. Replace batteries in the smoke alarms throughout your home, make sure your fireplace is clean and properly vented, develop a family escape plan, check your fire extinguishers, and service any and all electronic heating devices. These are just a few of the important issues to consider for your fireproof plan.

Please take time to look at the following links for Fire Safety and to be proactive in protecting your family and guests.

“Fast Facts About Fire” – National Fire Protection Association website
Fire Safety – www.healthy
Keeping Kids Safe From Fire –

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