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Product Liability Attorneys in Georgia

In Georgia, product liability attorneys can help determine if you have a case and can get justice after an accident. Product liability cases come in many forms but are generally classified as the following:  

(1) Manufacturing defects 
(2) Design defects 
(3) Breach of express or implied warranties 
(4) Failure to warn 
(5) Failure to adequately test and inspect 

Products Liability Cases

One of the most common and deadly defective products is a motor vehicle. Defects such as seatbelt failures, airbag failures, roof crush, seat back failures, ignition switch defects, rollovers, post collision fuel-fed fires, defective automatic transmissions and unintended acceleration can often lead to catastrophic and deadly injuries. 

Perhaps the most tragic products liability cases involve dangerous children’s products such as defective cribs, strollers, car seats, magnetic toys and baby slings. When we buy products for our children, we are entitled to products that are safe and free from defects that could harm our innocent and defenseless loved ones. Manufacturing and selling a dangerous product that can harm a child is an inexcusable offense by any company. 

Other examples of products liability cases include: 

  • Unwholesome and adulterated food 
  • Dangerous prescription drugs 
  • Defective ladders 
  • Dangerous furniture 
  • Defective power tools 
  • Tree stands 
  • Faulty tires 
  • Defective all-terrain vehicles 
When to Hire a Products Liability Attorney in Georgia

All too often, product manufacturers look for the cheapest and most expedient way to get their products on the market. Companies should never endanger your safety just so they can increase their profits. If you or a loved one has been injured by a defective product, call Williams Elleby Howard & Easter today for a free case review and consultation. Trust our team to get you justice. 


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