Litigation Loans

Lawsuit Loans: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

What is a Lawsuit Loan?  A litigation loan, commonly known as a lawsuit loan, is a type of loan from a private company that specializes in providing loans that must be paid back, with interest, from the recovery in a lawsuit.  It offers you a way to borrow money for whatever it is you might […]

How to Deal With an Insurance Company After a Wreck

After being hit by another driver, we often wonder “How do I deal with an insurance company after this wreck?” Naturally, most people immediately call their insurance company to report the wreck. However, few people stop to think about what they should say or how speaking to an insurance company may affect any claim they […]

Rome Tractor Trailer Wreck Attorney

ROME, GEORGIA BIG TRUCK ACCIDENT LAWYER Were you injured in a Rome, Georgia, big truck accident? When a passenger vehicle is struck by a big truck, the injuries to the passengers are often catastrophic or fatal. Big trucks are already heavy and the loads they are hauling add tens of thousands of additional pounds. This […]

Rome Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

ROME, GEORGIA MOTORCYCLE ACCIDENT LAWYER Are you searching for a Rome, Georgia, motorcycle accident attorney after a negligent driver caused you to lay your bike down? With its close proximity to Atlanta, its scenic mountains, and the Cave Spring Motorcycle Rally, Rome and the surrounding Floyd County are an excellent choice for a motorcycle ride. […]

Rome Car Accident Attorney

ROME, GEORGIA CAR ACCIDENT ATTORNEY Are you searching for a Rome, Georgia, car accident attorney? The experienced car accident attorneys at Williams Elleby are ready to assist you. The Williams Elleby law firm specializes in personal injury cases and helping our clients get the financial compensation they deserve for their injuries. For most injury victims […]