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Safety Tips For Having a Spooktacular Halloween

Halloween is near and soon there will be ghost and goblins mixed with Elsa and Olaf making appearances everywhere. Trying to decide what character to be for Halloween is always exciting. As you are helping your children select their costumes, consider finding costumes that are comfortable and the right fit in order to avoid trip and falls. There will be a lot of walking involved as you go door to door in your neighborhoods, so comfortable shoes are a must for both children and parents. For the children who have reached an age that they don’t want their parents tagging along, you can always follow along just a few steps behind. If this is the case, be sure your child has a particular item that glows in the dark so that you can keep a watchful eye from a distance. A glow stick that is a particular color, reflector tape on their costume, or possibly a flashlight that blinks a certain pattern can help you keep up with them from a distance.

Teach your children safety first! Make sure they are using the buddy system or even better require them to travel in a group. As children move around their neighborhoods, it is very important they are careful when crossing the street. Be sure to have a discussion before the night of trick-or-treating about walking on the sidewalks and only crossing the street at the street corners or in crosswalks. Too many children are injured or killed by not paying attention when crossing the street at night, especially on a night filled with excitement of wearing costumes and getting plenty of candy.

When in Doubt –Throw Out! It is very important for all parents to inspect the goodies their children collect. Inspect all candy wrappers, check for any signs of tampering with treats. Only eat homemade snacks made by people you personally know.

If you don’t feel safe carrying your children around neighborhoods, there are always other options to enjoy the Halloween season. Most elementary schools have fall festivals and several churches offer Trunk or Treat events where your children will have a fun and safe Halloween experience.
For more hints and tips for a safe Halloween, click here for suggestions from the FDA.

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