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The success of a personal injury claim depends on a number of things. The facts of a case, the evidence available, and the parties involved all matter. It also matters who the plaintiff’s attorney is. Below are three big reasons insurance companies tend to pay less to some lawyer’s clients. 

1. They Know the Lawyer Doesn’t Focus on Personal Injury Law 

Lawyers that handle personal injury cases on a day-to-day basis are generally much better equipped to take on a personal injury case than lawyers who spread their time and resources across many different areas of law.  Insurance companies know this. Moreover, insurance companies hire experienced personal injury defense lawyers to represent them. When insurance defense lawyers find out that an injury victim is represented by a lawyer that doesn’t focus on personal injury law, they will be emboldened to offer less money. This is one major reason personal injury victims should hire attorneys that are dedicated to practicing personal injury law

2. They Know the Lawyer Lacks the Resources to Litigate 

Personal injury lawsuits are expensive. To maximize the value of a case, it is often necessary to hire experts, investigators, and conduct depositions of witnesses. Unfortunately, none of these things are cheap. Reputable personal injury attorneys often advance these cost on behalf of their clients who cannot afford to pay.  For more complex cases, these costs can be tens of thousands of dollars. However, there is always a risk of losing a case and not getting any of that money back. If an insurance company knows that a lawyer lacks the resources to carry out litigation, it also knows that an injury victim is more likely to take a settlement to avoid the expenses involved in litigation. 

3. The Lawyer Doesn’t Fight for Clients 

This is probably the biggest reason that insurance companies pay less to some lawyer’s clients. Insurance companies know which personal injury lawyers will go to court and which ones tend to settle for less than the case is worth. This is one of the big factors that an insurance company considers when it considers the risk of a lawsuit. If a lawyer almost never sets foot in court, the insurance company will not likely take the risk of a lawsuit seriously and will offer as little as possible to make the claim go away. Conversely, if the lawyer has a lot of litigation experience and is routinely fighting for clients in court, an insurance company will almost certainly offer a higher settlement. 

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