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Everyone makes mistakes on the road; however, when you make a mistake on your motorcycle or bicycle, the consequences and injuries can be deadly. Whether you’re riding around your neighborhood or going to work in Cobb County, we’ve put together ten common mistakes cyclists make, and how you can avoid them.

1. Not Knowing Georgia Laws

Just like motorists are required to know the law when driving, you need to know what is and isn’t acceptable when cycling in Georgia. While we did a recent blog post on what your rights are as a bicyclist, it would benefit you to brush up on Georgia bicycle laws and Georgia motorcycle laws, as well.

2. Riding When Fatigued

Riding for 60 miles straight without stops or a snack break is a wonderful accomplishment, but it also affects your ability to react on your bike. Riding a bike, unlike riding in a car where you can relax, involves sitting upright and engaging your core for long periods of time. Make sure you take breaks and refuel your body as necessary when you’re out on long rides. The more alert you are, the safer you’ll be.

3. Failing to Yield

If you’re traveling on a public roadway, you’re going to have to yield to pedestrians or cars at some point. Slow down on curves and make sure you come to a complete stop or yield as necessary at stop signs or traffic lights. Be safe and look before merging. Even if the other drivers don’t see you, you can see them and avoid possible collisions.

4. Cycling on Sidewalks

Don’t do it. If you’re on a bicycle, it may seem safer than the road since there are no cars, but it can be more hazardous. You have a small space to maneuver and have to dodge pedestrians, strollers, and cars backing out of driveways. Stay on the roads or in designated bike lanes when possible.

5. Failing to Signal

Cars have to signal (or they should) when turning and that means you do too. Familiarize yourself with hand signals to let motorists know when you are stopping, turning, or braking. If you’re a motorcyclist, this can still help you even if you have blinkers; the blinkers are small, and some motorists may not be paying attention. If you have a hand up, they may spot you easier, keeping you safe from avoidable collisions.

6. Not Wearing Proper Safety Equipment

Staying visible is crucial for cyclists in Kennesaw. Put a white headlight on your bicycle, as well as a red blinking light on the back of your seat for night riding. Ensure your headlights are bright and in working order if you are on a motorcycle. Regardless of your bike, wear a reflective vest at all times for increased visibility. Always make sure to wear a helmet to help prevent traumatic brain injuries and concussions if you fall.

7. Riding More Than Two Abreast

When you are riding with your friends, make sure that you ride no more than two across the roadway. This is the law, and it ensures that drivers can safely pass with at least three feet between you and their vehicles.

8. Wearing Headphones

Listening to your jam may get you across town in a good mood, but it can seriously affect your cognitive functions and reaction times when in traffic and around cars. Ditch the tunes and pay attention to what is around you to ensure you get to your destination without any accidents.

9. Hugging the Curb

While it may seem like staying close to a curb is a good thing, it causes more wrecks than it prevents. Why? The closer you are to a curb, the less room you have to maneuver if a driver pulls out in front of you, stops suddenly, or opens his door without warning.

10. Swerving Through Lanes

Just because you are on a bike and can zip through traffic doesn’t mean you should. Continuously switching lanes increases the probability of an accident because it puts you in a driver’s blind spot more often than not. Only switch lanes when necessary, such as when turning, for your safety.

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