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Pre-suit Settlement Demands in Georgia Automobile Wreck Cases

Pre-suit settlement demands are effective tools for resolving Georgia automobile wreck cases. If an Georgia car accident victim has  a legitimate claim for compensation, the next step is usually not heading straight to court to file a lawsuit. Rather, it usually makes sense for the victim’s attorney to send the other party a pre-suit settlement […]

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How Long Does an Injury Case Last?

A common question we receive as attorneys is “How long will my injury case last?”  Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all answer.  The length of your case depends on the particular facts of your unique case.  Here are several factors that can affect how long your personal injury case will last. What Kind of Case Do […]

Notice of Filing a Personal Injury Lawsuit

What Happens After You File a Lawsuit?

If you have never been involved in a personal injury case, the first step in understanding the litigation process is how to file a lawsuit. Once you file a lawsuit, the next question is likely, “What happens after I file a lawsuit?”  What can you expect after your lawsuit is served?  Answer & Discovery Once your lawsuit […]

Medical Providers Personal Injury

How Medical Providers Can Help or Hurt Your Personal Injury Case

Other than your lawyer, your medical provider is the most important professional in your entire claims process.  If your case is about your personal injury, who better than your doctor to explain what caused your injuries, the nature of your injuries, the treatment process, and your future prognosis? Our job as your attorney is […]

Lawrenceville Tractor Trailer Accident Attorney

BIG TRUCK ACCIDENT ATTORNEY IN LAWRENCEVILLE, GEORGIA Are you searching for a big truck accident attorney in Lawrenceville, Georgia, after suffering serious injuries? Big truck accidents involving passenger vehicles are often catastrophic or fatal. Injuries are often severe because big trucks create a much larger and powerful impact when a passenger vehicle is struck. If […]