Evaluating Personal Injury Settlement Georgia

3 Key Considerations When Evaluating a Personal Injury Settlement Offer

For most people, receiving a personal injury settlement offer following an injury in Georgia is good news that carries with it one big question: Should I accept this offer? The following are three key questions to help you evaluate a personal injury settlement. Will the Amount Cover Your Past and Future Accident-Related Expenses? The financial […]

Social Media Impact Personal Injury Settlement

Don’t Let Social Media Ruin Your Chances of a Legal Settlement

Too much social media can have a negative impact on your mental health. It can also negatively affect your Georgia personal injury case if you are not careful. Attorneys and insurance adjusters routinely check the social media accounts of opposing parties to search for any information that could help their case. How Social Media Impacts Your Personal Injury […]

Pay Taxes on Personal Injury Settlement in Georgia

Do I Have to Pay Taxes on My Personal Injury Settlement?

When it comes to settlements for personal injury lawsuits, one topic that is rarely discussed is the tax implications of that settlement. Many personal injury settlements involve a large lump sum payment; failure to pay the required taxes on an amount that large could land you with a significant penalty with the IRS. But are […]

frustrated couple looking at personal injury settlement

Is My Personal Injury Settlement Marital Property in Georgia? 

It is common for married personal injury victims that have accepted a settlement or won a judgment to wonder whether that money is their own separate property or is marital property. Even if you aren’t getting or thinking about divorce, it is good information to know.  Marital property is generally any property that is acquired during […]

maximize settlement back injury

7 Ways to Maximize Your Settlement After a Back Injury 

Sustaining a back injury is a difficult thing to endure. There are several types of back injuries that personal injury lawyers encounter on a regular basis, such as whiplash, herniated discs, spinal cord injuries, and spondylolisthesis. No matter what type of back injury a person suffers, they are almost always serious and painful. They are also […]