Are you suffering from injuries after a car accident due to someone else’s negligence in Thomasville, Georgia? The experienced car accident attorneys at Williams Elleby are prepared to help. Our attorneys care deeply about the community and are committed to helping its residents get the fair compensation they deserve.

Immediately following your Thomasville car accident, you will probably have many questions: What should I do? Will the at-fault insurance company take care of everything? Should I get medical treatment? How will I pay my medical bills? Our skilled car accident attorneys are ready to answer these questions during a free consultation.

Because car accidents occur so often, they are one of the most litigated types of civil cases in Georgia. The car accident attorneys at Williams Elleby have the knowledge and experience to assist you throughout the entire claim and litigation phase of your case. Our ability to attain fair settlements for our clients has led to a solid track record and many satisfied clients.

Here are some helpful tips to consider after a Thomasville car accident:

First, seek medical attention for your injuries immediately following your Thomasville car accident. Postponing treatment or not seeking medical treatment at all can cause long lasting injuries and damage your claim. Make sure you keep track of your medical records and bills as they serve as evidence of the type and extent of your injuries.

Second, do not give a recorded statement to the at-fault insurance company without first contacting an attorney. The at-fault insurance company does not have your best interests in mind. However, do contact your own insurance company to preserve your uninsured or underinsured motorist claim.

Third, always consult an experienced car accident attorney before signing any documents from the at-fault insurance company. You do not want to inadvertently accept a low settlement offer and give up your rights to the claim.

Lastly, do not accept any payments from the at-fault insurance company without consulting an attorney. Oftentimes, insurance companies will quickly offer a small settlement payment before you know the full extent of your injuries. If you accept this payment, you are likely barring yourself from seeking future compensation if your injuries turn out to be worse than initially thought.

  1. Stay at the scene and call 911 to report the accident to the police. You are legally required to report car accidents in Georgia that result in injuries or property damage greater than $500;
  2. Photograph the property damage after the Thomasville car accident. Photos serve as powerful evidence in determining who is at-fault;
  3. Exchange contact and insurance information with the at-fault driver. Obtain contact information from any other parties who may have witnessed the accident;
  4. Resist the urge to admit fault at the accident scene. Even if you think you may be somewhat at-fault, this determination is best left up to your experienced Thomasville, Georgia car accident attorney;
  5. Obtain immediate medical care for your injuries. Failure to do so can be used against you by the at-fault insurance company and hurt your claim.
  6. Hire a trustworthy car accident attorney that serves Thomasville injury victims in order to obtain the fair compensation you deserve.

Thomasville car accident claims can go through three stages:

(1) Pre-suit,
(2) Litigation,
(3) Trial and Appeal.

Pre-Suit Stage

The pre-suit stage is an investigative time period because your Thomasville car accident attorney will be busy gathering all publicly available information regarding your case. Insurance declaration pages, motor vehicle accident reports, 911 recordings, and police dash and body camera footage will be requested. Your medical records and bills will also be ordered to provide evidence of the extent of your injuries. Additionally, witnesses may be interviewed, and experts may be hired during this stage.

During this stage, your car accident attorney may send a pre-suit settlement demand to the at-fault insurance company. The demand establishes liability, presents the extent of your injuries, and demands the at-fault insurance company pay a fair settlement amount for the claim. If the at-fault insurance company makes a fair settlement offer and you accept, then your case will be settled. Oftentimes, insurance companies will offer settlement amounts that are far below the value of a claim. When this occurs and a fair settlement cannot be reached, your Thomasville car accident attorney will file suit on your behalf.

Litigation Stage

Once you give your Thomasville car accident attorney permission to file suit on your behalf, you enter into the litigation stage. The first part of this stage is known as the discovery period, which can last for at least six months. During discovery, both parties in the lawsuit exchange pertinent information in the case. This can involve answering written questions, producing documents and other evidence, and conducting depositions. At the end of this stage, a judge may require the involved parties to go through mediation. If your Thomasville car accident claim does not settle during the discovery period or during mediation, then your attorney will prepare the case for trial.

Trial and Appeal Stage

The trial and appeal stage is the final stage of a Thomasville car accident claim. This can also be the most intimidating stage in the lawsuit process for most people, which is why it is critical to have an experienced car accident attorney that is ready to take your case to trial. Our team at Williams Elleby will have your evidence prepared and organized, witnesses subpoenaed, and all pre-trial motions filed in preparation for your trial.

Your Thomasville car accident case will most likely be tried at the Thomas County Superior Court. Your case is divided into seven parts: (1) Voir Dire or Jury Selection, (2) Opening Statements, (3) Plaintiff’s Case in Chief, (4) Defendant’s Case in Chief, (5) Closing Arguments, (6) Jury Instructions, and (7) Verdict. Because jury trial cases are complicated, make sure you hire an experienced car accident attorney that knows how to try cases in Thomas County.

Once the verdict is rendered, either the plaintiff or defendant can choose to appeal to the Court of Appeals of Georgia. If the litigant thinks the Court of Appeals of Georgia’s decision is incorrect, he or she can then make subsequent appeals to the Supreme Court of Georgia.

The Court of Appeals of Georgia has three options when a case is appealed: affirm the judgement from the trial court; reverse the trial court’s judgement and require a new trial; or reverse the judgment in favor of the litigant who is appealing. If the Court of Appeals of Georgia grants a new trial, then your accident case would be sent back to the Thomasville County Superior Court.


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