Have you or a loved one been injured in a car accident caused by a big truck in Tifton, Georgia? Big trucks can lead to the most serious car accidents because they are so much heavier than passenger vehicles. The big truck is heavy and the load it is carrying may add tens of thousands of pounds of additional weight. When a passenger vehicle is hit by a big truck, the impact is much larger and much more powerful. Fatalities are more likely when heavy vehicles, like big trucks, are involved.

Big truck drivers are supposed to comply with federal rules and regulations to maintain safety. When they fail to do so, they become negligent and big truck accidents can occur. If you or a loved one were injured in a big truck accident in Tifton, you need to hire a skilled big truck accident attorney. The big truck accident attorneys at Williams Elleby are ready to help you receive a fair settlement.


After being injured in a Tifton big truck accident, you need to hire an accident attorney with experience in handling big truck accident cases. These cases are different from other car accident cases and require more knowledge and expertise on the part of the attorney. Your Tifton big truck accident attorney needs to have a thorough understanding of the safety rules that big truck drivers are supposed to follow.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is the agency responsible for setting forth the rules and regulations for big truck drivers. Your big truck accident attorney’s familiarity with these regulations can make or break your case. Some of the federal regulations that govern big commercial truck drivers are:

The experienced big truck accident attorneys at Williams Elleby have the necessary knowledge of these regulations to help make your case a success.


With Interstate 75 being a major throughfare for big trucks, a Tifton big truck accident can occur at any time and for many reasons. Big truck drivers can be fatigued, under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol, or simply distracted while driving. Other big truck drivers may be speeding or hauling too heavy of a load. Sometimes the big truck itself has a mechanical failure or faulty repairs. Whatever the reason for the Tifton big truck accident, the results can be catastrophic for the victims.

When you hire a big truck accident attorney at Williams Elleby, your attorney will conduct a thorough investigation of the accident and develop a legal strategy to maximize your financial recovery. Your big truck attorney will work with investigators and trucking industry experts to reconstruct the accident scene and determine the cause of the accident. Then, your big truck attorney will combine this information with his/her knowledge of federal safety regulations to prove your case.

The big truck accident attorneys at Williams Elleby will work hard to negotiate a fair settlement offer with the trucking company and their insurer. Unfortunately, the at-fault parties often offer a less than fair settlement amount or will deny your claim. If your case cannot be settled through pre-suit settlement or mediation, your big truck accident attorney will file a lawsuit on your behalf and prepare for trial. For big truck wrecks that occur in Tifton, your lawsuit will be filed in the county where the driver resides or the county where the trucking company has a registered agent. Sometimes this results in cases being filed in a local Tift County Court. Other times, the case must be filed in a different county to comply with Georgia law concerning venue.


If you or a loved one were injured in a Tifton big truck accident, you need a skilled attorney from Williams Elleby on your side. Our attorneys will go up against the insurance company and their lawyers to get you the fair financial recovery you deserve. Contact us today at 833-LEGALGA (833-534-2542) to schedule your free in-person or Zoom consultation.