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During a free consultation with our firm, we’ll be happy to answer common questions that arise after a trip and fall as well as specific questions about your case. Questions like: Do I need to bring a lawsuit? Do I need a lawyer? What doctor should I go to? What if I didn’t notice an injury until days or weeks after my Atlanta slip and fall? Who is at fault for my slip and fall?

In the meantime, the questions and answers below as well as the following video below by our founding partner, Joel Williams, will help you gain a better understanding of how Georgia slip and fall cases work:


The value of any Atlanta slip and fall claim depends on the specific case. Case values can range from hundreds to millions of dollars. Many variables will impact the value of your case; three of the most influential are: the extent of your injuries, the degree of fault of the property owner or manager, and comparative fault.

  1. The Extent of Your Injuries. If your injuries are permanent and severe, you have a better chance of obtaining a large recovery. On one end of the spectrum are paralysis and brain injuries, which support large financial compensation. On the other end are minor injuries like cuts, bruises, and muscle strains, which usually support smaller awards. Most injuries fall somewhere in the middle.

Our Atlanta slip and fall attorneys work hard to ensure that whatever your injuries are, you receive fair compensation. If you have had to undergo physical therapy, surgery, or other medical treatment because of a fall that was not your fault, you should not have to pay for those expenses out of pocket.

  1. The Degree of Fault of the Premises Owner or Manager. The most controversial aspect of an Atlanta slip and fall case is usually who is at fault and what degree to fault they have. To prove the owner or manager of the property is responsible, you must establish a few things, including that they had notice of the hazard that caused your fall.

Fortunately, the owner or occupier cannot just claim they didn’t know of a hazard. For example, if a grocery store freezer has been leaking for days and someone slips and falls in the pool of water created by the leak, the owner will be treated as if they knew about the leak and can be liable if they did nothing to remedy it. Sometimes, expert testimony is required to establish what the owner or occupier knew or should have known.

  1. Comparative Fault. In Georgia, a jury in a slip and fall case assigns percentages of fault to anyone who contributed to cause the fall. The jury will assign percentages to all defendants and you, the plaintiff, in the lawsuit. Percentages can range from 0-100%. Unfortunately, defendants and their insurance companies sometimes succeed in persuading the jury that the injured party was somewhat or fully at fault.

Under Georgia law, a plaintiff cannot recover if they had equal or greater knowledge of the hazard than the owner. This is called the “equal knowledge rule” and is a common pitfall in Georgia slip and fall cases. An experienced Atlanta slip and fall attorney can help develop a case strategy designed to show that the equal knowledge rule does not apply in your case. Be sure to hire an attorney with a proven track record in these cases because a bad lawyer can kill your case.


In law, there are no guarantees, and you should not hire an attorney that promises you certain results. However, there are some things victims need to know to help win slip and fall cases in Atlanta. Three things you can do after a slip and fall in Atlanta that will improve your likelihood of winning your case are:

  1. Get Treatment for Your Injuries. As soon as possible after your fall, get medical treatment. First and foremost, this is important for your health and even if you “feel fine,” you could have injuries that you are unaware of that could cause serious harm if not promptly treated. Additionally, getting treatment creates documentation of the type and extent of your injuries. This is necessary to prove your injuries were caused by your fall.
  2. Notify the Property Owner. After you are injured, provide written notice of your intent to bring a personal injury claim to the owner or occupier of the property. At the same time, ask them to preserve all evidence related to your fall, including any videos, photographs, or reports they prepared. The sooner you request that the owner or occupier preserve evidence, the better. If they don’t comply, they could be sanctioned by the judge in your case for destroying important evidence.
  3. Hire an Atlanta Slip and Fall Lawyer. Slip and fall cases can be complex and failure to take certain actions promptly can result in losing your claim even if you didn’t know about the requirements. Atlanta slip and fall lawyers and attorneys will take the stress off by handling all important steps in the case for you and vigorously pursuing the compensation you are entitled to.


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