Have you been injured in an accident due to someone else’s negligence in Blakely, Georgia? If you answered “yes,” you may be entitled to financial compensation for your injuries. Whether you were injured in an auto accident on Hwy 27 or during a slip and fall accident in a restaurant on the Square, the personal injury lawyers at Williams Elleby Howard & Easter are ready to help.

The Williams Elleby Howard & Easter law firm helps personal injury victims in Blakely and across the state of Georgia receive the fair compensation their case deserves. We have recovered millions for our clients by aggressively fighting the big insurance companies. Our experienced lawyers can help maximize your financial recovery for medical expenses, lost wages, and your pain and suffering.  Attorney Joel Williams, our founding partner, is particularly interested in helping the residents of Blakely because it is his hometown.

Attorney Joel Williams and the personal injury lawyers at Williams Elleby Howard & Easter can answer your questions during a free consultation. During this time, we will provide you with information to help you weigh your options and evaluate the merits of your case. Once you hire our firm for your personal injury case, we will take over all the hassles for you and keep you updated along the way. You will only need to focus on getting better. Our initial consultations are free, so you have nothing to lose by contacting us today at 833-LEGALGA (534-2542).

If you are not quite ready to schedule your free consultation, the informative videos on our YouTube Channel may help. You can also read on to find the answers to questions we often get about injury lawyers in Blakely.


After being injured, one of the first things most victims worry about is cost: How will I pay my medical bills? Will I miss work and lose pay? Can I afford to hire a lawyer? Some personal injury firms will require an upfront retainer or bill hourly for their services. It is particularly important to ask about a lawyer’s billing practices when considering which lawyer to hire for your Blakely case.

Fortunately, at Williams Elleby Howard & Easter you will never have to worry about the cost of our experienced lawyers handling your personal injury case. There are no upfront costs, down payments, or retainers when you hire our firm. Our Blakely personal injury lawyers work on a contingency fee basis, meaning your lawyer’s compensation is based on a percentage of how much you are awarded in your case. If your Blakely personal injury lawyer does not win your case, you owe us nothing.

Another cost factor to consider when hiring a personal injury lawyer is what percentage the lawyer is paid when he/she has a contingency fee. The average amount is one-third (33.33%) of what the client wins in his/her case. This percentage can vary depending on how complicated your case is or if your case goes into litigation. If you decide to hire a personal injury lawyer at Williams Elleby Howard & Easter, the percentage will be clearly communicated during your free consultation.


Hiring the best personal injury lawyer for your Blakely case is one of the most important decisions you can make. A lawyer’s courtroom experience and knowledge of Georgia laws can make or break your case. Do not make this crucial hiring decision based on gimmicky television commercials.

Start your search for the best Blakely personal injury lawyer by doing some online research. Search for personal injury lawyers in and around Early County and examine each law firm’s website. Make sure that the lawyers you are researching specialize in your type of case. Equally important is the law firm’s track record of winning cases for its clients, which should be displayed proudly on its website. Also, make sure the law firm’s previous clients are satisfied with the outcome of their case and the treatment they received by the law firm by reading online reviews and testimonials.

Williams Elleby Howard & Easter is proud of our professional website, which offers a plethora of important information to help you make your hiring decision. Our website lists the excellent results we have achieved for our clients and testimonials about their experience as clients using our firm for their personal injury cases. Our website also provides free information about the types of cases we handle. You may also request that we contact you via our online contact form or through our online chat system, keeping the process as convenient as possible for you.


When you have finished your online research, schedule a consultation with your top picks for the best Blakely personal injury lawyer. Have a list of questions prepared to help you determine if the lawyer is the right fit for your case. Some excellent questions to ask are:

  1. Have you handled cases like mine before? How many similar cases have you handled in the past year?
  2. How many cases do you currently have? Will you have the necessary time to devote to my case?
  3. How much courtroom experience do you have? Will you take my case all way to trial if necessary?
  4. How can I get in touch with you? Will you give me your direct line or cell phone number?
  5. What do you see as the biggest challenge in my case? What strategy would you use to overcome it?
  6. Am I guaranteed to win? How much money can you promise me? (An honest Blakely personal injury lawyer would never guarantee success or promise a certain amount of money.)
  7. Do other lawyers in the area refer clients to you?

The Blakely personal injury lawyers at Williams Elleby Howard & Easter are prepared to answer these questions and more during your free initial consultation. We pride ourselves on providing each client with the personalized attention he/she deserves. This is accomplished by limiting the number of cases we take on at a time and by building a relationship based on trust and open communication. Our lawyers are always available by email, call, or text.


While no reputable lawyer can promise any monetary amount for a case, there are several factors that can help determine the value of a Blakely personal injury case:

  • The extent of your injuries and duration of suffering;
  • Whether you had any pre-existing medical conditions before your accident;
  • If you bear any fault in the accident that caused your injuries;
  • The total cost of your medical bills;
  • The amount of the at-fault party’s insurance or assets;
  • The venue of the trial;
  • Your Blakely personal injury lawyer’s level of experience.

Williams Elleby Howard & Easter will put our experience and expertise to work to help maximize your financial recovery. Our Blakely personal injury lawyers are ready to go up against the big insurance companies and make sure you get the justice you deserve for your injuries. We have the track record to prove it:


Most Blakely injury cases will settle without a trial. Once you are finished treating for your injuries, your Blakely personal injury lawyer will submit a pre-suit settlement demand to the at-fault insurance company. The demand will state the extent of your injuries and pain and suffering and the total cost of your medical bills. It will also demand a certain amount of money, which will be approved by you, to compensate you for your economic and noneconomic losses. The at-fault insurance company will have 30 days to respond to the pre-suit settlement demand. If a fair settlement amount can be agreed upon between you and the at-fault insurance company, then your case will settle.

Unfortunately, it is common for insurance companies to offer settlement amounts far below the value of a Blakely personal injury case. When this occurs, you and your lawyer can make the decision to file a lawsuit. If the at-fault party in your case resides in Blakely, then your trial will most likely occur in the Superior Court of Early County.


The process of filing a Blakely personal injury lawsuit will begin with your lawyer filing a complaint, which is a legal document that states your case against the defendant. Once the defendant receives formal notice of the lawsuit, he/she will have 30 days to answer to the allegations being made. The defendant can either deny or admit to the allegations in the legal document known as the “answer.”

Next, the discovery process in your Blakely case will begin. Discovery lasts six months and is the time when both parties exchange important information and learn the other party’s position. Information exchanged includes written answers to interrogatories and the production of requested documents. Formal investigations and depositions will occur during this phase.

When the discovery phase concludes, the judge in your case may order both parties into mediation. This is a final attempt for both parties to come to a mutual settlement agreement before the case goes to trial. A mediator, who is sometimes another attorney or a retired judge, will try to assist in resolving the case. If the mediation fails to bring both sides to an agreement, then your Blakely personal injury case will go to trial.

The entire lawsuit process can take from one to two years. It is a lengthy and complicated process that is best left up to a seasoned Blakely personal injury lawyer, such as one of the lawyers at Williams Elleby Howard & Easter. Our lawyers have the necessary courtroom experience to put your case on track for success.


The Blakely personal injury lawyers at Williams Elleby Howard & Easter are dedicated to helping our friends and family get the financial compensation they deserve. Call us today at 833-LEGALGA (534-2542) to schedule your free consultation in person or via Zoom. Your case deserves us.