If you are a victim of a car accident in Blakely or Early County, you may need to hire an experienced car accident lawyer. The days and weeks after a Blakely car accident will be overwhelming for most injury victims. Many will receive continual correspondence in the mail and multiple phone calls from insurance companies. This constant bombardment will occur as the victim is trying to recover from their injuries.

In addition to the barrage of mail and phone calls, Blakely car accident injury victims will probably have many questions: What do I say to the insurance companies? Should I seek medical treatment? How will my medical bills get paid? Do I need to hire a car accident lawyer? Although you can rely on Google for some of these answers, it does not replace the expert advice you will receive from a seasoned Blakely accident lawyer.

Let the Blakely car accident lawyers at Williams Elleby take the stress from you while you focus on getting better. Our firm will handle the communication with the insurance companies while keeping you updated. We will work with you through every step of the claims and litigation process to help maximize your financial recovery. Call Williams Elleby today at 833-LEGALGA (534-2542) to schedule a free consultation and get the legal expertise your case deserves.

If you are still uncertain about your next steps, please read on to get answers to some of your most pressing questions:


First, never postpone seeking medical treatment for your injuries after a Blakely car accident. Delaying treatment can further aggravate injuries and hurt your personal injury claim. Insurance companies will assume you were not badly injured if you did not seek treatment immediately. Obtaining medical treatment also creates records that prove the type and extent of your injuries, which serves as valuable evidence in your car accident case.

Second, do not speak with the at-fault insurance company until you have spoken with a Blakely car accident lawyer. You are not required to give a recorded statement to the at-fault driver’s insurance company. Many insurance adjustors will be very cordial and empathetic, but they are not on your side. However, do contact your own insurance company to notify them about the accident to preserve your uninsured or underinsured motorist claim and to access medical payment coverage, if applicable.

Third, never sign any documents or accept any payments from the at-fault insurance company without first consulting your Blakely car accident lawyer. By signing a document, you might inadvertently give up your rights or accept a low settlement offer. The same is true for accepting a payment from the at-fault insurance company. Many times, insurance companies will quickly offer a settlement amount that is below the value of a personal injury case. You may be duped into settling your case before you even know the full extent of your injuries. Unfortunately, you will probably be barring yourself from future compensation. Do not make these common mistakes and lose out on the financial compensation you need.

  1. Stay at the scene of the accident and call 911. In Georgia, you are legally required to report motor vehicle accidents resulting in injuries or property damage greater than $500;
  2. Document the property damage with photos. These photos will serve as powerful evidence of liability in your Blakely car accident case;
  3. Exchange contact and insurance information with the other driver(s) involved in the car accident. Also obtain the contact information of any potential witnesses;
  4. Refrain from admitting any fault in causing the accident. Even if you think you played a role in causing the accident, determining liability is best left up to legal experts;
  5. Obtain immediate medical care for any injuries. Remember that delaying treatment can worsen injuries and negatively impact your Blakely accident case;
  6. Hire an experienced Blakely car accident lawyer who will get results and has the track record to prove it, such as one of the lawyers at Williams Elleby.


The pre-suit stage is the investigative period before a lawsuit is filed in a Blakely car accident case. During this period, your car accident lawyer will be gathering all available information regarding your case: insurance policies, the motor vehicle accident report, 911 recordings, and police dash and body camera footage. Once you finish treating your injuries, your medical records and bills will be ordered to determine the total cost of your treatment and the extent of your injuries. Additionally, your Blakely car accident lawyer may interview witnesses and hire an accident reconstruction specialist. These specialists can identify the at-fault party in the accident and explain how and why the accident occurred.

During the pre-suit stage, your Blakely car accident lawyer may send a pre-suit settlement demand to the at-fault insurance company. The demand clearly lays out liability in the accident, the extent of your injuries, economic and noneconomic losses, and demands a fair settlement amount for your injuries. The at-fault insurance company will have thirty days to respond to the demand, which usually begins a series of negotiations between your lawyer and the at-fault insurance company. If both parties can reach a fair settlement amount and you agree, then your case will settle.


Unfortunately, many insurance companies refuse to offer a fair settlement amount for your injuries, so your Blakely lawyer will file a lawsuit on your behalf and with your permission. This begins the litigation stage of your Blakely car accident claim. The discovery period, which lasts for six months, is the first part of this stage. During discovery, the plaintiff and defendant in the case exchange information to learn the other party’s position. Information exchanged includes written answers to interrogatories and the production of requested documents and other evidence. Depositions may also be taken during this time. At the conclusion of the discovery period, a judge may order both parties to mediation, which is a final attempt to resolve the case before it heads to trial.


The third and final stage of your Blakely car accident claim is the trial and appeal stage. This stage is often intimidating for most injury victims. The lawyers at Williams Elleby will help answer any questions you have and thoroughly prepare you for trial. You can take further comfort in knowing that our car accident lawyers will be prepared to try your case. Your evidence will be organized, all witnesses will be subpoenaed, and all the necessary pre-trial motions will be filed well in advance of trial.

If the at-fault driver in your accident case resides in Blakely, your case will most likely be tried at the Superior Court of Early County. Your case will be divided into seven parts: (1) Jury Selection, (2) Opening Statement, (3) Plaintiff’s Case in Chief, (4) Defendant’s Case in Chief, (5) Closing Arguments, (6) Jury Instructions, and (7) Verdict. Jury trials are complex and complicated, which is why you need to hire a seasoned Blakely car accident lawyer with knowledge of Georgia personal injury law and the necessary court room experience.

After a verdict is rendered in your case, both the plaintiff and defendant have the option to appeal to the Court of Appeals of Georgia if they feel an incorrect decision was made. When the Court of Appeals of Georgia receives an appeal, it will do one of three things: affirm the judgement from the trial court; reverse the judgement and require a new trial; or reverse the judgment in favor of the appealing litigant. If a new trial is granted in your Blakely car accident case, the case would return to the Superior Court of Early County. If a litigant thinks the Court of Appeals of Georgia’s decision is incorrect, he/she can then make future appeals to the Supreme Court of Georgia.


The Blakely car accident lawyers at Williams Elleby are ready to fight hard to get the maximum financial recovery your case deserves. When you hire our firm, we will go up against the big insurance companies while you focus on getting better. Set your mind at ease today by calling the injury lawyers at Williams Elleby at 833-LEGALGA (534-2542) to schedule your free consultation. We look forward to helping you.


“Statute of limitations” is a legal term to describe the amount of time that you are allowed to bring a certain legal claim. In Georgia, you typically have two years to file a claim against another driver when you suffer injuries from an accident. However, if you are under the age of 18 or have a mental impairment, you may have a longer time to file. There may be other factors that can either reduce or extend the time that you have to bring a claim. It is smart to consult with an attorney as soon as possible following your accident to ensure that you do not miss any important deadlines.


If you suffered injuries from a car accident in Blakely, Georgia, you should consult with a skilled attorney as soon as possible. The experienced attorneys at Williams Elleby are here to answer your questions, explain your legal options, and work hard on your behalf to obtain compensation for your injuries, damages or losses after an Blakely, Georgia car accident. Get in touch with a Williams Elleby attorney by calling (833) 534-2542 or by contacting us online.