Are you looking for a Blakely, Georgia, slip and fall lawyer? You probably have a lot of questions right now: Do I need to seek medical treatment? Who will pay my medical bills? Who is responsible for my injuries? Do I need to hire a Blakely slip and fall lawyer? These and many more questions can be answered during a free initial consultation with the Blakely slip and fall lawyers at Williams Elleby Howard & Easter.

The Williams Elleby Howard & Easter firm helps slip and fall injury victims maximize their financial recovery after an accident in Blakely and across the state of Georgia. Attorney Joel Williams, our founding partner, takes a particular interest in helping Blakely residents get the justice they deserve because Blakely is his hometown. His Southern hospitality for his clients and his determination to fight the big insurance companies have served his clients well. Williams Elleby Howard & Easter has an excellent track record of getting results and many 5-star reviews that highlight the excellent treatment of our clients.

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Each Blakely slip and fall case is unique, and its value depends on the specific circumstances in the case. Judgments for slip and fall cases can range from a few thousand dollars to millions. It is imperative that you hire an experienced slip and fall lawyer to help prove your case and maximize your financial recovery. While no reputable lawyer can guarantee a specific amount of money for your case, there are 3 factors that help determine the value of a Blakely slip and fall case:

  1.  The Extent of Injury: The more severe your injuries are, the greater the chance of obtaining a large recovery. If you are left paralyzed or suffered traumatic brain injuries after your accident, your case will likely garner a large recovery. If you suffered minor muscle strains, cuts, and bruises from the accident, your case would not be worth as much. Whether you suffered traumatic or minor injuries from your Blakely slip and fall accident, the lawyers at Williams Elleby Howard & Easter are ready to help. You should not be left paying the bills after someone else’s negligence led to your injuries.
  2. The Degree of Fault of the Property Owner: Proving the degree of fault of the property owner is the most controversial aspect of a Blakely slip and fall case and is best done by a seasoned slip and fall lawyer. Your lawyer must prove that the property owner had knowledge of the hazard on the property that led to your injuries. Equally important, your Blakely slip and fall lawyer must prove that you had less knowledge of the hazard on the property and no way of knowing the danger you were in.
  3. The Level of Comparative Fault: Both defendants and plaintiffs can be held liable in Blakely slip and fall cases. Juries will assign percentages of fault to all parties. Property owners and their insurance companies will oftentimes blame the plaintiff for not avoiding the hazard on the property. If the at-fault insurance company can prove the plaintiff had equal or greater knowledge of the hazard than the property owner, then the plaintiff will not receive any compensation.

Although an honest Blakely slip and fall lawyer can never promise to win your case, there are three actions you can take to increase your chances:

  1. Seek Medical Care: Obtain medical treatment immediately following your Blakely slip and fall accident. Any delays in treatment can worsen injuries and give the at-fault insurance company a reason to deny your claim. Seeking medical treatment also generates medical records that serve as powerful evidence of the extent of your injuries.
  1. Notify the Property Owner: Provide written notice to the property owner that you intend to file a slip and fall claim. Request that all video footage, photos, and incident reports related to the accident be preserved. Failure of the property owner to preserve evidence can result in the owner being charged with destruction of evidence by the judge.
  1. Hire the Right Slip and Fall Lawyer: Laws regarding slip and fall cases vary from state to state, so hire a Blakely lawyer who is well versed in Georgia’s laws and has the necessary courtroom experience. The slip and fall lawyers at Williams Elleby Howard & Easter have extensive knowledge of Georgia law and are prepared to bring your case to trial if the at-fault insurance company is unwilling to offer you a fair settlement.

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