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If you have been the victim of a shooting, sexual assault, or other violent crime at a hotel, gas station or apartment complex in Marietta, you may have a negligent security case. Attorney Joel Williams explains negligent security cases further in the video below:

If a property owner or manager of a commercial establishment does not take proper precautions to protect their patrons, especially if there is a known danger or previous cases of the same violent acts, they can be held responsible for your damages.


Knowing where to start and who is to blame in a negligent security case can be confusing. These cases usually fall under Georgia statutory law that establishes what duties a property owner owes their guests. By Georgia law, property owners are expected to exercise ordinary care to keep their guests safe.

Hotels, apartment complexes and other commercial establishments are responsible for protecting from and deterring any forseeable or predictable violent acts. A crime is forseeable if similar criminal activity has previously taken place on the property and can reasonably be anticipated to happen again.

During the beginning stages of your negligent security case, your attorney should send an open records request to the Marietta Police Department asking for a crime grid showing the specific types and number of crimes that have occurred in the area where you were attacked.

After the severity of the crime has been established from the open records request, your attorney should consult with experienced security experts to determine the exact level of security that should have been present. If it is determined that a level of security should have been in place and was missing, the attorney will work with you to file a negligent security lawsuit.

After the lawsuit is filed, your lawyer will interview any prior crime victims as well as the property owner and their employees. Your lawyer will also work with your physician to obtain medical records that prove the extent of the injuries you sustained when you were attacked.

Once the relevant data is collected and interviews have been conducted, it will be time for mediation and trial. Not all cases must go to trial, but if yours does, a jury will decide if you will receive any compensation and how much you will receive.


It can be common in Marietta negligent security cases for a jury to assign certain percentages of fault to everyone involved.  This is called apportionment of fault. Attorney Joel Williams explains this process further in this video.

In apportionment cases, both the property owner and the criminal are assigned portions of fault. The victim can also be assigned a percentage of fault, but they will often be the only one to receive compensation.


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