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For most injury victims in Rome, the days and weeks after being injured in a car accident can be overwhelming. Oftentimes, there is a constant bombardment of phone calls and letters from the insurance companies involved. Of course, there are usually many unanswered questions after a Rome injury like: Will the insurance company help me? Should I seek medical attention? How will my medical bills get paid? What about my lost wages? Do I need to hire a Rome car accident attorney? This bombardment by the insurance companies and the stress of not knowing what to do next will occur while trying to recover from your injuries.

Let the car accident attorneys at Williams Elleby assist with your Rome injury case while you focus on getting better. Attorneys Joel Williams and Chase Elleby have many years of experience going up against the big insurance companies. They can help you through every step of the claims and litigation process and will fight hard to maximize your financial recovery. Attorneys Joel Williams and Chase Elleby have recovered millions of dollars for their clients.

If you are not ready to speak to a qualified Rome car accident attorney, read on to discover important information you should know after a car accident in Rome, Georgia.


First, never delay seeking medical treatment following your Rome car accident. A delay in treatment can be bad for your overall health and bad for your car accident claim. Delaying treatment and gaps in medical care can allow the at-fault insurance company to claim that you were not that badly injured. Seeking medical care provides the necessary medical records that help prove the type and extent of your injuries.

Second, do not provide a recorded statement to the at-fault insurance company. You are not obligated to do so. Consult a Rome car accident attorney first. Although the adjustors at the at-fault insurance company may seem empathetic, they are not on your side. You will want to contact your own car insurance to preserve any potential uninsured or underinsured motorist claim. This will also allow you to access any medical payment coverage to help pay your medical bills if you purchased these benefits as part of your car insurance plan.

Third, do not sign any document or accept any form of payment from the car insurance company without your Rome car accident attorney’s approval. You do not want to accidentally give up your rights or accept a low settlement offer. The at-fault insurance company may try to quickly offer you a settlement that is below the value of your case. If you accept an offer from them, you may permanently bar yourself from receiving additional compensation for your injuries.


  1. Call 911 to report the accident and stay at the scene. You are legally required to report a car accident that results in $500 or more of damage in the state of Georgia;
  2. Photograph the damage on all vehicles involved in the Rome car accident. Property damage photos can help prove fault and liability in your case;
  3. Obtain the personal contact information from all drivers and the insurance name and policy number for every vehicle involved in the accident. Try to locate any witnesses and obtain their contact information, as well;
  4. Refrain from discussing fault in the accident, even if you think you may have been partly responsible. Determining liability is best left up to a seasoned Rome car accident attorney;
  5. Seek medical care immediately following the accident for your injuries. Untreated injuries can become further aggravated, and you will need documentation of your injuries for your personal injury case;
  6. Hire an experienced lawyer for your Rome car accident, such as one of the attorneys at Williams Elleby, that is prepared to help you get the financial compensation you need.



The pre-suit stage of a Rome car accident claim is an investigative period before a lawsuit is filed. During this time, your accident attorney will be gathering all available information regarding your claim. This includes car insurance policies, police evidence, and your medical records and bills. Witnesses may be contacted during this time for interviews. Your Rome car accident attorney may also hire an accident reconstructionist specialist to identify how and why the accident occurred.

Once your attorney is finished investigating your Rome car accident, he/she may send a pre-suit settlement demand to the at-fault insurance company. This is an attempt to obtain a fair settlement for your claim without having to file a lawsuit. The pre-suit settlement demand will clearly define who the at-fault party is, your injuries, and your economic and noneconomic losses. It will also demand a certain amount of money be paid to compensate you for your losses. If an agreement can be reached between you and the at-fault insurance company, then your case will settle. If the at-fault insurance company is unwilling to offer you a fair settlement amount for your claim, then your Rome accident attorney, with your permission, will file a lawsuit on your behalf.  


The litigation stage of your Rome car accident claim begins as soon as your attorney files the lawsuit. An important time frame during this stage is the discovery period, which can last for six months. The discovery period is when both parties in the lawsuit exchange pertinent information in the case to learn the other party’s position. This can include answers to written questions called interrogatories and the production of important documents. Depositions of the plaintiff, defendant, witnesses, and experts may also occur during this period. At the end of the discovery period, both parties may be ordered into mediation by the Rome judge assigned to the case. Mediation is a final attempt to reach a settlement before the case is tried in a courtroom.


The third stage in your Rome car accident case is the trial and appeal stage. Bringing your case in front of a jury is probably the most intimidating part of the lawsuit for any litigant. Fortunately, when you hire Williams Elleby, you will have an attorney with years of courtroom experience on your side. Our attorneys will answer your questions and you will enter the courtroom knowing what to expect. Your car accident attorney will be prepared for your trial by having your evidence organized, witnesses subpoenaed, and all necessary pre-trial motions filed.

If the defendant in your case lives in Rome or Floyd County, your case will most likely be tried in the Superior Court of Floyd County. Your trial will be divided into seven parts: (1) Jury Selection, (2) Opening Statement, (3) Plaintiff’s Case in Chief, (4) Defendant’s Case in Chief, (5) Closing Arguments, (6) Jury Instructions, and (7) Verdict. A courtroom trial is a complicated legal process, which is why you need to hire a Rome car accident attorney that is prepared and has experience trying cases.

Once the verdict is rendered in your Rome car accident case, either litigant has the option to appeal. If the litigant feels an incorrect decision was made, he/she can appeal to the Court of Appeals of Georgia. Once the court receives an appeal, it will do one of three things: affirm the judgment that was rendered at the state court; reverse the judgment of the state court and require a new trial; or reverse the judgment from the state court in favor of the appealing party. If the Georgia Court of Appeals grants a new trial, then your Rome car accident case would return to the Superior Court of Floyd County. If a litigant thinks the decision from the Georgia Court of Appeals is incorrect, subsequent appeals can be made to the Supreme Court of Georgia.


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