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After being injured in a Tifton slip and fall accident, you probably have many questions and concerns: Where should I get treated for my injuries? Who is responsible for my slip and fall accident? Do I need a slip and fall attorney? The Williams Elleby firm offers free consultations to answer these and many other questions that often arise. Just call 833-534-2542 for your free consultation.

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Tifton slip and fall cases can be valued at hundreds of dollars to millions of dollars depending on the specific case. No reputable attorney can guarantee any specific recovery amount. There are three key factors that help determine the value of your case: the extent of your injuries, the level of fault of the property owner, and the percentages of comparative fault.

  1. The Extent of Your Injuries: Slip and fall accidents can result in minor injuries from scrapes, bruises, and muscle strains to traumatic brain injuries and even paralysis. More severe or permanent injuries usually result in a larger financial recovery. The Tifton slip and fall attorneys at Williams Elleby are ready to help you with your case whether you suffered minor or traumatic injuries.
  2. The Level of Fault of the Property Owner: One of the most challenging parts of a slip and fall case is proving that the property owner is at fault for your injuries. Your skilled slip and fall attorney will have to prove that the property owner had knowledge of the hazard on the property and failed to warn you of the possible danger. Your attorney will also have to prove that you had no prior knowledge of the hazard on the property and had no way to predict the danger of becoming injured.
  3. The Percentages of Comparative Fault: In slip and fall cases in Georgia, multiple parties can be held liable. A jury will assign percentages of fault to the defendant(s) in a case as well as the injured plaintiff. Oftentimes, the property owner’s insurance will blame the injured victim, arguing that the victim should have avoided the hazard on the property. A plaintiff in a slip and fall case in Georgia cannot obtain a recovery for his/her injuries if he/she had equal or greater knowledge of the hazard on the property than the property owner. This is referred to as the “equal knowledge rule.”

It is critical that you hire an experienced slip and fall attorney for your Tifton case, such as one of the attorneys at Williams Elleby. Our slip and fall attorneys will have a case strategy prepared to knock down the arguments made by the property owner’s insurance company and to prove your case. We will fight hard to ensure you receive the fair recovery you deserve.


Although no attorney can guarantee you will win your Tifton slip and fall case, there are three key actions you can take to increase your likelihood of success:

  1. Obtain Medical Treatment for Your Injuries: Seek medical treatment immediately after your slip and fall accident. Even if you feel “OK,” you may have injuries you are not aware of, yet. Any delay in treatment can make injuries worse and can also cause the property owner’s insurance to deny your claim. Obtaining medical care also creates documentation of the extent of your injuries.
  2. Notify the Property Owner About the Accident: Give the property owner written notice that you are filing a claim with his/her insurance company. Request that the owner preserve all evidence related to your Tifton slip and fall accident. Evidence includes video footage, photos, and incident reports. Failure of the property owner to preserve evidence can result in sanctions for destruction of evidence.
  1. Hire an Experienced Tifton Slip and Fall Attorney: Because laws regarding slip and fall cases differ in each state, it is critical to hire an experienced attorney who is familiar with Georgia law as well as local ordinances in Tifton. The slip and fall attorneys at Williams Elleby have the necessary knowledge and courtroom experience to help maximize your financial recovery. Our track record of winning cases and our many satisfied clients sets us apart.

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