Insurance Company Duty to Settle Personal Injury and Wrongful Death Claims Georgia

An Insurance Company’s Duty To Settle

An Insurance Company May Not Gamble With Its Insured’s Funds “[W]here a person injured by the insured offers to settle for a sum within the policy limits, and the insurer refuses the offer of settlement, the insurer may be liable to the insured to pay the verdict rendered against the insured even though the verdict […]

Premises Liability Cases Due to Landowner Negligence Attorney Georgia

Frequently Asked Questions Answered: Premises Liability

Premises liability law governs the responsibilities of landowners and occupiers of land in guarding against hazardous conditions on their property. In other words, negligent property owners may be liable for injuries and accidents that occur on their property. Slip and fall cases are by far the most common type of premises liability cases, but there are several […]

Burn Claim Personal Injury Wrongful Death Attorney Georgia

What To Expect in a Burn Injury Claim

Most of us can remember the pain of a really bad sunburn, but these pale in comparison to more serious burn injuries. With survival rates of 96.8 percent, burn injuries are some of the most painful and devastating types of injuries a person can live through. Burn injuries can leave permanent scars, both emotional and […]

total loss vehicle accident

Just Crashed The Car? What To Do Next

Just Crashed The Car? What To Do Next Whether you’re on your way to work, running a quick errand, or going on a long road trip, getting in a car accident is probably not what you’re thinking about when you hop in your car. No matter how safely you drive, however, chances are at some […]

prepare my deposition attorney

How Do I Prepare for My Deposition?

What is a Deposition? A deposition is a discovery tool that attorneys use to obtain the sworn testimony of parties and witnesses prior to the trial of a civil case. Depositions are an excellent time for lawyers to inquire about facts that may be relevant to the lawsuit. Lawyers also use depositions to evaluate how […]