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One Dead in Covington Dump Truck Accident

A truck accident in Covington left one dead after two dump trucks drove off a bridge, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports. The two trucks were operated by the same company, and the drivers were friends. The second truck driver, who was from New Jersey and unfamiliar with the area, was following the first truck driver to pick up asphalt.

Heavy Rain and Narrow Bridge Send Two Old Friends into Yellow River

The lead driver came to a stop before crossing the narrow bridge to make way for another truck coming the opposite direction, according to NBC 11-Alive Atlanta. The second truck collided with the first from behind, and both trucks went off the side of the bridge into the Yellow River near I-20. Officials believed that heavy rain may have contributed to the accident. The truck accident threw Neil Gayle, the second driver, from his vehicle, which landed on top of him in the river. First responders found his body when they moved the truck. The other driver was hospitalized, but did not suffer any life-threatening injuries.

Adverse Conditions Need Special Care from Truck Drivers

Accidents involving large trucks are more likely to lead to fatalities. Because trucks, especially trucks hauling heavy materials, have many times more mass than a normal passenger vehicle, they require much greater stopping distance to prevent collisions. Adverse conditions like heavy rain require even greater stopping distances in order to avoid accidents. The stopping distance for a large truck driving 60 miles per hour can be longer than a football field. When rain or ice causes slippery conditions, stopping distance doubles. Sudden stops, like those that arise from unexpected road and traffic conditions, can lead to fatal accidents when a large truck is behind you and can’t stop in time.

Careless Truckers Are Liable for Accidents

Georgia law requires drivers to take reasonable care to avoid causing injuries to others on the road. This includes following all of the rules of the road while driving. Because maintaining proper stopping distance is required by law, failing to do so can result in liability for negligence in a lawsuit. This means that drivers in slippery conditions have a duty to reduce their speed to allow time to stop if the need arises. If drivers don’t do so and an accident results, they may be liable for the injuries that result. If a driver is on-duty when the accident occurs, their employer may be liable for the damages. If the victim does not survive the accident, their family members may sue the company who employed the driver for wrongful death.

Get Expert Legal Help

If you or someone you know has been in a car accident, you will need legal help as soon as possible. Get in touch with an experienced truck accident attorney at Williams Elleby in Cobb County and find out more about your options.

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