Hiring a Personal Injury Wrongful Death Attorney in Kennesaw Georgia

5 Reasons to Hire a Georgia Native as Your Trial Lawyer

Where a lawyer was born and raised may not seem like it’s important when choosing someone to represent you in your personal injury or malpractice case; however, it can make all the difference in the world. We’ve put together five reasons you should hire a Georgia native as your trial lawyer.

He Is Accessible and Available

A local Georgia personal injury attorney will be available to speak with you at his office for your free consultation, or whenever you have questions or concerns. He will also be able to come to you if needed. If you’ve been severely injured or do not have car access, then a Kennesaw attorney who is worth his salt will drive to you.

Face to face interactions are necessary in serious personal injury, car wreck, or slip and fall cases, not only so your attorney can assess your case, but so you can assess your attorney. You should feel like you are on a team with him, and there is no better test of compatibility than an in-person meeting.

He Supports Local Businesses

Georgia-based attorneys make sure to outsource their business needs to locally owned and operated companies. That includes local doctors, mechanics, printers, and experts. It takes a team of businesses and professionals to help prove fault in cases; keep that money local.

He Keeps Your Expenses Low

If you hire an out-of-state lawyer, he will bill you for travel-time to see you, interview witnesses, or take depositions, which will get deducted from your final settlement. Pick a local attorney and keep that money where it belongs: in your pocket.

He Works to Defend His Local Reputation

A lawyer’s reputation may not seem important when hiring your trial lawyer, yet it is critical because it ensures your premises liability attorney handles your case with dignity and integrity.  A Georgia native would not want to ruin the reputation he spent years building up.

A non-local attorney knows he will not be coming back to Georgia or Cobb County anytime soon. As a result, may not care about his actions in your case or the community. He may be lax in his preparation of your case, or worse, he could settle your case for less than you deserve to ensure he does not have to travel to represent you.

He Has a Better Chance at Getting Insurance Companies to Compensate You

When an insurance company knows your trucking wreck or product liability attorney is local, it is much more likely to settle. Why? A local attorney does not have to worry about travel to court, so he is going to push hard for a trial date. More than that, a Georgia lawyer will not be scared to take your case to trial since he knows the judges, the court staff, and other attorneys.

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