A piece of paper with an open red book and gray pen laying on it with the word LAWSUIT typed in big letters at the top demonstrating the lawsuit filed for the ski crash involving Gwyneth Paltrow.

Differing Accounts in Skiing Crash

A family ski vacation for actress Gwyneth Paltrow and her family has become the center of a multi-million dollar negligence lawsuit, according to recent Utah court filings. The lawsuit stems from an incident that occurred at Deer Valley Resort in Park City, Utah, in 2016. But the specifics regarding skiing crash are disputed between the two sides.

Lawsuit Filed

The lawsuit was filed by a retired Salt Lake City optometrist who was involved in a skiing collision with Paltrow on a beginner ski run at the resort. The parties dispute exactly what happened. According to Terry Sanderson, the plaintiff in the case, the negligence occured when Paltrow crashed into him from behind on the slopes. Sanderson claims he was knocked unconscious, suffering a concussion that still affects his life to this day. He is seeking $3.1 million in damages from this skiing crash both Paltrow as well as the Deer Valley Resort as a result of the accident.

Opposite Accounts of the Facts

Paltrow’s account is essentially the opposite of Sanderson’s. According to Paltrow, she was skiing behind her small children and a ski instructor at a slow rate of speed when Sanderson crashed into her from behind. She claims Sanderson apologized at the time and claimed he was fine. In response to the lawsuit, Paltrow filed a counterclaim against Sanderson. She is seeking “symbolic damages” of $1 as well as her attorney’s fees in the matter. The lawsuit refers to Sanderson’s claims as meritless and alleges he is merely seeking to exploit Paltrow’s fame and wealth.

A Key Witness to the Skiing Crash

A skiing instructor that was giving lessons to Paltrow’s nine-year-old son at the time of the collision is likely the central figure in the case. Both parties have already made mention in the media about an incident report filed by the ski instructor relating to the event. According to the instructor, Sanderson was uphill from Paltrow, who was making slow turns behind her son as he practiced skiing. While the instructor placed the blame on Sanderson for causing the collision, he also admitted not seeing the accident directly. The instructor’s statement went on to say he turned after hearing the two collide and Paltrow scream.

It is Sanderson’s position that the ski instructor made a false statement in his incident report, and he claims a friend of Sanderson who was skiing with him at the time can corroborate his story.

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